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appeared at the hearing with her colleague andy coulson, editor of news of the world. >> bergman: what was the run-up to that? why were they appearing before you? >> we were doing a report on privacy and media intrusion. the issue of how you set about getting information is also of course a matter of importance. it was just a hunch. you know, sometimes you just have a hunch in politics. do either of your newspapers ever use private detectives, ever bug or pay the police? >> we have paid the police for information in the past and it's been... >> andy coulson, who was sitting beside her, tried to say, "but only within the law," and i pointed out, "but it's a criminal offense." it's corrupting a police officer, suborning a police officer. >> the same holds for private detectives, for subterfuge, for video... whatever you want to talk about. it's illegal for police officers to receive payments. >> no, no, no, we don't-- as i said, within the law. >> and then the chairman decided to close the meeting, for some bizarre reason. i would have much preferred to have been able to carry on. >> tha
to come, andy coulson is charged over perjury allegations. >> let's take a quick look at the newspapers from around the world. the herald tribune asks if spain is rescued, who foots the bill? the financial times says the response to the crisis is the reason why investors are fleeing to safe havens, plunging u.s. borrowing costs to post-war lows. brussels has put francois hollande on notice, saying the european commission is concerned about his economic agenda. a problem usually associated with the west is moving east. the south china morning post says that hong kong's aging population is accelerating. it could hinder development. a former chef to queen elizabeth has revealed her very normal male habits. -- meal habits. >> this is newsday on the bbc. i am in singapore. >> i am in london. the free syrian army has issued a 48 hour ultimatum to the government to pull its troops out of towns and cities. >> borrowing costs in spain have risen to new highs. to the level that forced greece to seek a bailout. the world economic forum begins this week. its focus is on the east asian region. it co
, andy coulson, has appeared for an inquiry into press standards. under questions about whether he had relationships with his previous employers, it was alleged that he kept $60,000 of the company's shares without telling downing street. sony has reported its biggest loss in a year. they say the effect of last year's earthquake and tsunami are continuing to cause problems in its supply chain. now to norway where a court has been hearing more shocking testimony from survivors of anders breivik's shooting rampage. 1 of the witnesses, a 19-year- old, described him as calm and stone-faced. we have been following the events in court. >> two weeks into his trial, anders breivik continues to show no remorse, no hint of a motion. it was the same today as court room 250 heard more harrowing testimony survivors spoke of chaos and killing on at the paradise island. he had shot 14 of his victims by the pump house. this man was there. he survived by jumping into the lake. today in court, he sought again the man that tried to kill him. >> i had to take a confirmation to look at him to confirm that h
? the key question that we have followed from andy coulson going to conservative party officers and director of communicate and, is who knew what when? so who knew what went under andy coulson's involvement in phone hacking, whenever we got to the bottom of that. and as of november, long time back, six months ago, there was some issue of his financial settlement with news international in the aftermath of the clive goodman and glenn mulcaire convictions. and that clearly, if that's not an ongoing financial relationship, that is a matter of great significance in which the issue of who knew what when, and that is the key question, not getting the sharp end of the inquiry, demands to be answered. now, my job as an editor of a newspaper is to put in the public domain the key question that has to be answered in this affair. and that's the key question, that has to be answered as we go forward in this. and i think, putting that in the public mind before coulson gives evidence is perfect defense spin it misses the point, doesn't it, the answer, because you're right that the issue is it is a matter
of the proceedings from yesterday. the committee from andy coulson who served as communications director for british prime minister cameron from 2010-2011. prior to that he was an editor for "news of the world" in 2003 to 2007. he discussed relationships with number of politicians including george osborn and david cameron. we will show you what we can and give we are able to reestablish our signal from the uk we will bring you that live on c-span2. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> your full name. >> andy coulson. >> please turn off your witness statement dated the first of may of this year. look at the last paragraph you will see a signature which is yours. a statement of truth given within the constraints imposed on you by the ongoing police investigation. is that right? >> yes. >> a short time line of your career. you started working as a journalist in 1989. is that correct? >> yes. >> between 1994-1998 you educated the bazaar column of "the sun". in the year 2000 you were deputy editor of "news of the world" under rebekah brooks. january of 2003 you were appointed editor of "news of the
in the latest case connected to allegations of phone hacking in rupert murdoch 's media empire. andy coulson served as editor of murdoch's now defunct news of the world tabloid before working for cameron and now being held for questioning over evidence to give as a witness and the 2010 perjury trial of the scottish politician tommy sheridan. mitt romney has officially wrapped up the republican presidential nomination following his primary win in texas. bronner's opponents had already conceded the race, but his texas victory formally gives him the more than 1100 delegates needed for the nomination. he will be formally nominated at the republican convention in florida in august. a group of roughly two dozen african american pilots have sued united airlines saying they have been passed over for promotions because of their ethnicity. filed in san francisco federal court, pilots said united continental holdings, the parent of united airlines, discriminates against persons of color. the complete says almost all african american employees of the company are in non management roles. new figures show
from britain's phone hacking ingrate with testimony from andy coulson. coulson.
communications director andy coulson asked how close he was a former news of the world editor rebekkah brooks and rupert murdoch. this portion is just over an hour. >> you're full name, please. >> andy coulson. >> please your statement dated the first of may this year. look at the last paragraph and underneath you will see a signature which is yours. the statement is given with and the constraints posed by the ongoing police investigation and is that right? >> yes. >> first of all a short time line of your career you started working as a journalist in 1989. is that correct? 1994 to 1998 he edited the bizarre column at the sun; is that right? >> yes. >> in the year 2000 you were deputy editor in news of the world under rebecca way. january 2003 were appointed editor of news of the world. the 26 the visionary, 2007 you resigned around june, 2007 the exact date when you give your evidence you were appointed director of communications to the conservative party; is that right? >> yes. >> you started work i think of the ninth of july, 2007, and after the last general election i think on that wall o
by scottish police. seven officers showing up at andy coulson's home this morning. he's being investigated for allegedly committing perjury at a trial in 2010. coulson's already free on bail in the phone hacking scandal has unfolding right now in the uk. >>> a new meaning to the term drive-thru when 23-year-old michael smith realized his taco bell drive-thru order wasn't complete, he hit the gas and rammed his car through the window of the restaurant in ohio. running into the building over a taco, pretty surprised. >> oh, no, call you not idiot or rocket scientist, never running through a window, that's for sure. >> they got him his missing taco too. police were able to find smith at his home by following the trail of motor fluid dripping from his damaged car after he left the scene tuesday. smith was charged with felony vandalism. >>> baseball's home run king barry bonds, insert asterisk here, wants to get back in the game even though he's a convicted felon now. bonds says he's talked to the san francisco giants about working with the team in some capacity once his legal troubles are all
with testimony from andy coulson, former prime minister david cameron's communication director. .. >> [no sound] >> [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] >> so this afternoon's witness is mr. coulson. >> thank you. >> your full name please, mr. coulson. >> andrew coulson. >> please turn up your witness statement which is dated may of this year. look at the last paragraph, and underneath it you will see a signature which is yours, statements of truth. the statement of truth is given within the constraints imposed on you by the ongoing police investigation, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> first of all, in terms, short timeline of your career, you start working as a journalist in 1989, is that correct? >> yes. >> between 1994-1998 you edited the column at -- is that right? >> yes. >> in the year 2000, you are deputy editor of the "news of the world" under rebekah wade, as she then was, is that correct? >> yes. >> january 2003 you were appointed editor of the world to the 26th of january 2007 you resigned. around june 2007, you were appointed director of communications to the conservative part
to think gasoline this summer. >> after that, the inquiry hears from andy coulson. the president obama talks about his home ownership initiative. >> i thought it was important to write a book. obama did not come out of nowhere. also the tea party movements seem to come out of nowhere. how did it work? occupy wall street. those are important things to take seriously. >> than jones on social movement in america today. saturday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. then the american spectator founder contends that modern liberalism is flawed. sunday night at 11:00 p.m.. >> i had my ambition to walk with john smith. i got to pocahontas. this makes a rectangular space that would be the chancel. pocahontas mary's john in this church in 1614. i guarantee you i am standing exactly a little deeper than she was. this is where she stood when she got married. >> toward the jamestown colony babe with the project director. it is yielding more than 1.5 million unique artifacts. take the tour starting at 1:30 a.m. eastern. where less steady at 2:30 p.m.. >> next, rebekah brooks testifying before a panel about
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)